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Since the 1980s I devoted my life and work to the medium of Photography. From the early 1990s however, i started to work with 8×10″ Polaroid film, until dec 2012 . I always try to mark my pictures with an immense refinement and almost surreal sensibility. Through this particular Polaroid technology, these images confirm their relation to a past reality. Next to beauty , my photography is also about portraits. I even consider my nudes to be portraits.

Beauty is something that attracts me completely – all the time – and pushes me far in a search of something. The book “Polarized” was a selection of my Polaroid work, which had to be abandoned, after production of the film was terminated in December 2012. This chapter is a summary of these shots, which we realized on large-format Polaroid film. Published in 2009.

Black Flower
Amour Clandestine
Cleopatra Portrait
My Last Polaroid
Julie B Lay Down
Pompadour High Tea (Polaroid version)
Les Plumes
Marisha 1880
Gypsy Queen
Exotic by Nature
La Perle de Tahiti
Princess With Pearls
Indian Girl
Blind Date
Catch Me If You Can
Pillow Book Woman
Beniras Girl
Black Pearl
Ingrid P
Bonne The Face
Bettina O!
Pat Nama
Flower Girl
French Lieutenants Woman
Chambre Close
Black Mermaid
Valérie Flower
Banana Split
Wallpaper Girl II
Blind Date II
Eyes Wide Shut
Come Home ?
Black Orchid
Icarus II