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Print types & Framing Marc LagrangeFebruary 24 - 24, 2013news

Print types & Framing 

-Floating boxes are  a deep wooden box  where the Image is mounted on Aluminum  then placed in the middle of the box. The image has a boarder of Air around it approx. 10 cm before the wooden frame and is afterwards protected by Museum glass  but again the image is not touched by the glass there is again space between image and glass. ( Floating effect ).  This way of framing is also called American box.

-Diasec is a Patented process used for facemounting prints .At Marc Lagrange Archival pigment prints on Acrylic glass. Because of the different light penetration and refraction of Acrylic glass compared to normal glass, the colours are more brilliant and the image sharper than compared to standard glass in a picture frame. A Diasec mount is usually of a high gloss finish. Because the print is glued  to the acrylic glass, the result is completely flat mount of the image. Mounted like this the print is resistant to ultraviolet light because of the properties of Acrylic glass.

-Platinum prints, also called platinotypes, are photographic prints made by a monochrome printing process- all hand printed, that provides the greatest tonal range from warm black, to reddish brown, to expanded mid-tone grays. Unlike the silver print process, Platinum lies on the paper surface, while silver lies in a gelatin emulsion that coats the paper. As a result the final Platinum print is absolutly matter with a deposit of platinum & palladuim slightly absorbed in the Cotton paper used for these prints. Platinum prints are the most durable of all Photographic processes. These prints are known for their rich and wide tonal value, as well as the unique nature of each individual print; no two prints can be exactly the same due to the method’s that remain of very manual nature. At Marc Lagrange we frame all our Platinums in massive wengé wood behind museum glass.

-Gelatin Silver print. GSP
This process was the in The 1920’ known as simply a black & white photographic print. It is created from a film’s negative. The print lies in a gelatin emulision that coats the paper. Modern gelatin silver prints are executed more often than not by highly-trained silver printers. At Marc Lagrange these prints are made in house for us to assure the high quality results behind each print.